How To Make Diamond Ring Look Bigger

As far as diamonds are precious stones, there are ways to make them look larger than they are. It can be done without spending extra money.

Choose a ring with several stones

Consider a style which uses several stones rather than one big stone. Find rings with diamonds mounted in rows and fitted into holes. In this setting, it is challenging to differentiate stones, it provides the illusion of bigger stones. Also find rings with side stones. A 3 stone engagement ring is a classic style. These 3 stones are said to symbolize the past, future and present. By adding two princess stones on the left and the right, the ring will look bigger. It’s because it draws to examine a ring as a whole piece and can catch looks.

Consider various color palettes and settings

Diamond in white gold – many people say that color will not change a diamond’s size, but it boils down to personal opinion. The majority believe that a stone that’s set in a white gold will make it look larger. The explanation for this is that white gold brings no colour into a diamond. Diamonds have a tendency to pick up hue and body tone and reflect it.

In case a tone is yellow, it’ll make your gemstone look yellow. Yellow diamonds seem smaller, whereas white seem bigger. Consider perfect illusion – to make diamond rings look bigger, choose an illusion setting. That is a method where precious stone is set on a mirror type plate before setting it to a band. A mirror plate reflects additional light, which makes a diamond look bigger and more brilliant. Buy cheap loose diamonds Los Angeles.

The disadvantage of this is that repairs are more strenuous, and may be expensive, as a result. All Within The Prongs type means that prong settings elevate their rock from a base, making it look bigger. Six prong heads cover up will make a diamond look bigger by obstructing light that enters it. Four prong settings are much cleaner, elegant and less gaudy. They also have more light that allows your gem to shine.

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