What happens if you lose your gun?

Recently, a 16-year-old boy studying in Class-XI was found shot dead in the bathroom of school after a little dispute with one of his friends.

Do you think a 16-year-old boy could be an expert in using firearms intentionally?

And the question arises, from where did he get the pistol?

Later it was discovered as a lost weapon the boy found in the Public bathroom of a movie theater.

Steps to be taken when you lose your gun

Since there is not any National Registration System, ATF does not take any reports of lost or stolen firearms from private citizens. So, you need to contact the firearms dealer from where you purchased that gun. (Note that the gun should also have a FFL. You can check on the website to learn how to obtain FFL.)

If you are unable to reach the firearm dealer, contact your local Police Department immediately.

State Firearm Registration Office Services are available in some of the States. If you are a citizen of one among that State, you can report there. Being a gun owner, you should know what are your State’s laws on lost or stolen firearms. Also, you should report any loss of firearms within 48 hours or earlier to avoid crimes.

However, it is the best option if you could remember where you lost the gun and go back to look for it. In the meanwhile, if you move quickly and find your weapon, you are the lucky one.

What should you do if you are a dealer?

There is no Federal law to submit your report of lost firearms to ATF except for dealers and others with a Federal Firearm License. Being a dealer, you can take these steps after discovering the loss of any of your firearms:

1. You can send E-mail on the website (stolenfirearms@atf.gov). Keep in mind that you should send the report as early as possible to avoid criminal activity.

2. You can get the toll free number of the ATF’s stolen firearm Program Manager on the website. Talk with them and provide the Serial number, model and the place where you lost the gun if you remember. After that, they can assist you to prepare the loss Report for submission.

3. Call your local Law Enforcement Agency to report the case. The steps should be immediate for the quick recovery of the firearms.

Documentation you need

The first and the most important document you need to know about your gun is the Serial number. However, being an owner, it is your responsibility to have the serial number but if you don’t possess the same your weapon could be involved in Gun trafficking. Moreover, it becomes harder for you to claim the gun if it ever found without Serial Number. Also, you may need to file an insurance claim.

Gun trafficking

Moving the guns to the black market for threatening the crime across the country is called Gun Trafficking. Since there is no anti-trafficking law passed yet, so it is becoming easy for the criminals to use the illegal guns.

You should know the model and year of manufacture. From where and when you purchase the gun could be an important discussion in finding your gun. The police department asks you about the purchase price of the firearm.

If you have lost your gun in the Public place like a mall or a park, rush immediately to the Security Personnel of that place. Also. there are laws for the owners of the firearms to report the lost/stolen cases everywhere.

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