What is a cool roof system?

A cool roof is designed differently than the common standard roof, in that the cool roof reflects more sunrays absorbing less heat than the standard roofs. Cool roof use paint that has higher light reflecting capabilities, reflective tiles, shingles or even sheet covering. Before installing cool roofs, its required of you to consider the climate of your region. Cool roof requires less conditioning compared to standard or dark roofs.

These roofs come with a couple of benefits compared to what standard roofs offer. Below is a short list of those benefits. Remember the benefits do stretch to the environment if the installation is done on large scale, like a whole community.

The benefits of cool roofs.

Those occupying cool roofed house will have the luxury of benefits like:

  • The roofs reduce conditioning needs thus saving on energy bills.
  • Improve the comfort of indoor spaces without conditioning.
  • The roofs reduce temperatures on the roof thus increasing the durability of your roof.
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect. This is the local temperature.
  • Helps in lowering peak demand for electricity. Preventing or reducing power outages.
  • Prevents the emissions of gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, mercury, and sulfur dioxide. This is achieved by reducing energy used in cooling in the buildings.

There is an endless list of roof systems available. The surface that is exposed to the sun is the main determining factor in having a cool house. Even standard roofs can be made cool by using an appropriate surface.

Coatings for these roofs usually are white or made reflective pigments with the capability to reflect sunlight. The coating is usually thick protecting the surface of the roof from direct UV light and from chemical damage. Some even are water resistant and with restorative features too. These products are available for all roof types.

The low sloped roofs

  1. The single ply membranes.

These are sheets that are pre-fabricated on the rooftop that are attached with mechanical fasteners then adhered with the use of chemical adhesives. They are then held by ballast together. These are made cool by coating them with a black membrane.

  1. The built-up roofs.

This consist of a base sheet that is reinforced with fabric layers with a protective dark layer. These roofs can be made cool by;


  • Using dark gravel in flood coat used as asphalt in place of the reflective marble chips.
  • Instead of dark coating with reflective mineral granules or applied factory coating.
  • On top of the dark asphaltic emulsion, apply a cool coat.
  1. The modified bitumen membrane sheets

These do have more but mostly one layer of rubber or plastic that is reinforced with fabric, that has granule minerals on their surface, and some are smooth. When installed on a roof they are referred to as hybrid roofs. These roofs are made cool by pre-coating them with a cool roof coat.

When you decide to install a cool roof, first determine the cost and whether it will justify the energy savings. These will be among with climate and also the environment, the condition of your current roof, the roof you currently have and not forgetting the efficiency of your current cooling and heating system is. But if it’s a new house then decide while on the planning stage. But if it converting an already installed roof to a cool, then the following options are available for you;

  • Use heat-reflective specialized material to retrofit.
  • Use tile coating to recover the roof or use waterproofing surface.
  • Replace the old roof with a cool one.

If the roof is a bad state or about to attain its durability limit then it will be wise to replace it, re-cover it, or retrofit the entire roof.

The energy and cost saving.

These roofs do not cost more than the non-cool roof. When it comes to new roofs or replacing one. But when it comes to changing standard roofs in good condition, then that will be expensive. For these will include. Materials, maintenance, the recoating and the cleaning not forgetting the labor.

But after installation of the cool roof, the benefits make the whole process cheap for you will gain in energy savings, HVAC downsizing equipment, rebates, and incentives and it will give you a longer life (durability).

Though this may be beneficial to you, it’s better to consider the factors that will affect and lower the durability of such installation. These factors include;

  • Moisture.

• Climate and temperature

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How much does a developer cost in Ukraine?

How much does a developer cost in Ukraine?

An increasing number of enterprises globally outsource their IT services or software development to countries with lower living costs. The huge gap between the salaries say, in Canada and India, enables them to save the costs and trouble of running an in-house team. If only low prices were always coupled with high quality.


In this context, software development in Ukraine seems especially appealing. The country shares all advantages of Eastern Europe as an IT outsourcing destination but offers more competitive rates compared to neighboring Belarus, Czech Republic, and Poland. Stiff competition stimulates Ukraine’s 2,600 IT companies and 100,000+ specialists to provide high-quality services at fair prices. If you’re curious about the numbers or further saving opportunities – this article might be helpful.


Developers’ Geography and Rates


The answer to the title question depends on:


  1. where the agency or freelancer is located;
  2. the type of technology that is required;
  3. each developer’s programming language skill set and experience.


Ukraine’s outsourcing vendors offer mobile, web, and desktop development, UI/UX design, QA, dedicated development team building, R&D services, IT consulting, and full-stack solutions. Kyiv, the capital, has the highest number of developers (up to 40%). Other big IT hubs are Kharkiv (in the east of the country), Lviv in the west, Odessa in the south, and Dnipro in the center. Even regional centers like Vinnytsya or Zaporizhia have dozens of firms offering custom software development and offshore/nearshore outsourcing.

According to GoodFirms and Clutch, the average rate offered by top Ukrainian software development companies ranges within $25–49 per hour. A firm’s location matters a lot: the highest salaries are mostly in Kyiv and Odessa. They’re a bit lower in Lviv and Kharkiv, and Dnipro generally offers the lowest rates among the big cities. A company’s rates may also reflect its reputation based on past projects, experience in the industry, etc.


Java, .NET (C#), JavaScript, PHP, and Python are some of the most accessible technologies in Ukraine. Programmers that specialize in Java and C#/.NET earn more than PHP or JS devs. Java programmers are typically the highest-paid. For example, average monthly salaries of junior Java devs range from $570 (Lviv) to $880 (Odessa).


Middle and senior developers cost much higher than juniors, sometimes tenfold more. For instance, a senior PHP programmer in Dnipro earns $2,600/month against a junior’s $250.




The prices for software development in Ukraine vary significantly. The developers’ rates may differ even between towns short distances from one another, but a dev’s specialization and experience seems to be the most important factor. As a result, a junior PHP programmer in Lviv can cost you $200 per month while senior Java devs’ salaries in Kyiv are ranging around $3,500.


Still, usually they won’t exceed the prices for identical services in neighboring countries, let alone Western Europe or North America. Add to that comparable quality of the services and easy communication, and you’ll get an optimal choice for secure IT outsourcing.

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What Really Matters in Real Estate Customer Service?

The most important thing in real estate customer service is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and keeping mind in what that customer is feeling and what he or she is looking for. Keep in mind; a real estate action is one of the most important things a person engages in during the life. When you show empathy to a client, it keeps communication open between you and your customer throughout the entire real estate process. Find out about inside sales agent real estate.

In addition, be responsive in helping your client. Give them timely updates on what is going on with their house hunting. And, follow through with what you tell them in a timely manner. Remember, responsiveness is something everyone appreciates.

Know what your customer wants
To ensure that you will be showing homes that your customers want, you must first communicate with them in depth on what they want. If they are not sure, have them write down in detail their needs and wants–especially when it comes to schools, services, hospital, restaurants and so on. Details here are most important.

Communicate effectively

Good communication is important in all areas of life, especially real estate. Real estate often fluctuates from day-to-day and that means if a customer is interested in a certain property and they don’t get quick information on a property, they will not only be disturbed, they will look for another agent. So, write that email, call or text and let them know what is going on.

Do more than is expected
These days, so much is given in a mediocre way but when you go the “extra mile” and do more than your customer expects, then they will stay with you and turn to you for help and guidance during the entire process.

Show how much you care
Remember, your real estate business is nothing without customers. Most customers feel great when they know they are appreciated. So, a closing gift such as a notepad or a hand-written note at the closing will show that you care and appreciate their business.

Be tech savvy
To be a successful and efficient real estate agent, you must be tech savvy. Being tech-savvy will help serve your customer well and will keep your business thriving. Use technology as a time-management tool, create fresh marketing resources and keep your customers engaged in the process. All of this will keep you on top.

Be a neighborhood expert
To be a great real estate agent, you need to know where the best restaurants are, the status of neighborhood schools, and know the ins and outs of nearby neighborhoods and to be “the experts” in marketing and contract negotiation. When you are a neighborhood expert, customers will turn to you before anyone else.

To conclude, the most important thing that matters in real estate customer service is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and keeping mind mind what that customer is feeling and what he or she is looking for in a home. Follow the above guidelines and give great customer service that will not be forgotten!
Remember, your customer comes first!

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