What Airlines Fly Out of Cleveland Hopkins Airport?

Cleveland Hopkins Airport is located close to Glenn Research facility and is the busiest and largest airport in the city of Ohio. The airport has grown significantly to become the leading destination for commercial and personal aeroplane. The airport serves approximately nine billion passengers and focuses on exceptional customer care services that make it an outstanding airport. The airport also contributes nearly three and a half billion US dollars to the economy of Northeast Ohio. The following airlines fly out of Cleveland Hopkins Airport.


  1. Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Airlines is the largest airline in Canada in terms of the number of aircraft and the number of passengers. The company provides unique air travels for both passengers and cargo to approximately 207 destinations across the world.


  1. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines serves a vast international and domestic network and is a leading airline with its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Airline has its largest hub at Atlanta besides its other seven other centres distributed across the USA. In terms of ranking, the airline is ranked second in the world in terms of the number of passengers it serves annually.


  1. Allegiant Airline

The airline is located in the USA, and it serves both charter and scheduled flights. It is ranked number nine in terms of fleet size in the USA and is fully owned by the Allegiant Travel Company with its headquarters located in Summerlin, Nevada.


  1. American Airlines

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world when quantified in terms of the scheduled passengers carried, revenue returns, the fleet size, and the number of local and international destinations served. The headquarters of American Airlines is located in Fort Worth in Texas. The airline is managed by independent carriers and supports approximately 6,700 daily flights to more than 350 countries across the world.


  1. JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue has its headquarters located in New York City and is a cheaper airline compared to others like the Allegiant Airline. The airline is rated number six in the USA in terms of size and operates approximately 1,000 daily flights to around 102 international and domestic destinations. Some of the local destinations that are served by the airline are South America, the Caribean, and Mexico.


  1. Southwest Airlines Company

The company provides air transport services in the USA for passengers. The airline operates approximately 732 aircraft, 723 Boeing which serves around 101 destinations across the world. Most destinations that are served by the Southwest Airlines Company are domestic destinations. The company operates on long-term land leases which provide spaces for warehouses and aircraft repair centres.


  1. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a very low-cost airline in the USA headquartered in Miramar, Florida. The airline operates in the USA and is rated number seven in terms of fleet size and the number of scheduled passengers. The airline serves destinations such as Orlando, Las Vegas, and Detroit.


  1. United Airlines

United Airlines is a leading airline in the USA which has its headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. The airline mostly serves the Pacific-Asia region and mainly focuses on both local and international networks across the USA and beyond.



Parking Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Besides offering excellent air and cargo transport services, Cleveland Hopkins Airport offers affordable parking services for the residents of Cleveland and the surrounding areas. The Park ‘N Fly package, for instance, charges 8 dollars per day and is located approximately four and a half miles from Cleveland Hopkins Airport.


In summary, the exceptional flight services combined with world-class parking services make Cleveland Hopkins Airport one of the best places to be.

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How do I Become a Special Needs Tutor?

Special needs students are students who have various challenges such as learning impairments, behavioral difficulties or emotional issues that make it hard for them to engage in learning activities like ordinary students. These students require special education to learn and understand concepts like other normal students. Whereas an ordinary teacher focuses on learning alone, a special education teacher focuses on the unique requirements of the students alongside their learning. Not every tutor can become a special education teacher because teaching students with special needs demands a lot of understanding, acceptance, and patience. Special needs tutors can engage in online tutoring, home tutoring, or one on one training in classes. The following points explain in details the steps one should follow to become a special needs tutor.

1. Registering for a Teaching Program
The first step towards becoming a special needs tutor is to enroll for training in special education. Most special needs schools require that one pursues a Bachelor’s degree in special education. Special education is a vast teaching discipline that incorporates many different areas. All these areas enable one to handle students with behavioral challenges, mental challenges, and emotional challenges. It is also a requirement of the Bureau of Labor Statistics that all special needs tutors should hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution to engage in the teaching activities.

2. Teaching Practice and Experience
Once someone enrolls for the training to become a special needs tutor, it is crucial that one also engages in teaching practice to enhance what is taught in class. Although this is not mandatory in some states, the practice is critical because it enriches someone with the experience needed to handle students effectively. Many degree programs require that one engages in teaching practice to become well versed with the loops and jumps of dealing with students with special needs.

3. Becoming Certified by the Government
After completing the Bachelor’s degree and gaining the necessary teaching experience, it is a mandatory requirement that one becomes accredited by the government before commencing the actual teaching activities. Public schools usually stress on the certification documents before one is allowed to start teaching. The certification is necessary because it shows that someone can make a difference in the life of a student with special needs. However, some private schools allow tutors to work without licenses.

4. Job Application
After getting the necessary job certificates and documents, the next step is to apply for job opportunities either in the private or public institutions. The advantage of having a certification in special education is that jobs are always readily available because many people do not follow this career path. People should be motivated to pursue degrees in special education so that there will be enough workforce to impart disabled students with knowledge.

5. Pursuing Further Studies and Keeping Abreast with Technology
The journey to becoming a special needs tutor does not end with getting a job. Scientists and researchers are continually finding out new information on how the human brain works. The new knowledge can provide valuable insights that can transform the way a special education teacher is administering lessons to the students.

In summary, it is essential that many more graduates and masters students purpose to pursue degree courses in special education so that together we can join hands to transform the lives of the students who have special needs. Home tutoring is also encouraged to reach out to those students who don’t have the privilege of going to schools that offer special education.

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