New Era Cap; Why Is It Called 59fifty?

The thing about fashion is that it is always changing. To put it, the only way to stay in fashion is to carefully follow the ongoing trends in the fashion markets. One of the hottest trends presently is New Era Caps. New Era Caps can find its traces back in the 1950s when New Era came up with the revolutionary 1950 fitted cap. It started as a part of sports attire, but soon it saw its transformation into self-expression.


Needless to say, New Era Fitted Hats have left its mark on popular culture and fashion. The impact of this new apparel was almost instantaneous. It was nothing short of a fashion revolution. One interesting aspect of New Era caps and their effects on the fashion world was that it did not get outdated like a large majority of other fashion trends.  Instead, it slowly started turning into a cultural symbol.


The 59FIFTY was born in 1954. The famous Harold Koch was the one who gave this cap its name. The name of this cap comes from the roll of fabric that is used to make it. In other circles, it also became known as “Brooklyn Styled Cap”. It is an undeniable fact that the instant success of 59FIFTY was monumental. Still, the level it is today did not start till the 1980s.

Propelling the success

In the 1980s, a marketing technique known as direct marketing was used by the company. The use of this technique was more of an experiment for the company. However, little did hat see that they were about to invent the wheel. The offer was that a professional fitted 59FIFTY cap would be delivered to anyone who sent in a cheque of $12.99. The advertisement was published in “The Sports News”. The response they received was overwhelming, to say the least. All across North America, 59FIFTY had become a symbol of fashion. However, the story does not end here. It is what happened due to this demand that 59FIFTY became what it is today.

The year was 1994. One fine day, the famous Spike Lee called up New Era and requested them to make a red-colored New York Yankees cap. The request was forwarded to Chris Koch who was CEO at that time. He loved the idea and gave it a green signal. The rest is history.


Today, 59FIFTY caps have become a symbol of street culture fashion. In the USA alone, there are nearly 43 million such caps that are sold each year. The number is not going to fall any time soon. Also, 59FIFTY is still the most popular choice for those looking to get baseball caps. It is because they have been able to maintain their quality and their offerings which has allowed them to retain their diverse consumer base. Also, by using names such as “Constructed crown” for the caps, more consumers have been attracted to the usage of these caps. 

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