How Do I Remove Henna?

Henna is used as a natural dye for both skin and hair. It is often used to tint eyebrows and is usually sold in a form of a henna powder or a henna brow tint kit. As fuller natural brows have gained in popularity, so has the use of henna to deepen the colour of eyebrows or match them with your hair tone. Henna also has the advantage of being a safe and natural alternative to chemical hair dyes.

Henna for Hair

Henna permanently colours hair by wrapping or coating the hair in pigment. Some hair dyes cannot be used after henna has been used in the hair, you should consult your hairstylist or the prospective hair colour manufacturer for guidelines and recommendations. Henna is considered less damaging to hair, as the integrity of the hair shaft is not altered. As a result, the hair is left with more body and shine than before.

Although henna is a great product, it is important to ensure you are using the correct type of henna, as some hennas are not safe to use. Some types of henna, particularly black henna, can contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a known toxin and allergen. So, it is important to obtain henna from a reputable source, which is designed specifically for the application you desire – hair colour, eyebrow tinting, or skin tattoo. Henna is not safe for use on children, due to a metabolic condition they may have. Please see the explanation provided on WebMD,

How to Remove Henna Stains

As with all hair dyes, it is common during application to get some henna onto skin, which will leave a stain. Henna only stains the upper layers of skin, therefore in order to remove these stains from skin, you will need to exfoliate these skin cells. Without intervention, henna skin stains will last for 1-2 weeks. To speed up the process there are a number of removal methods likely available in your medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard. Methods include washing the area with antibacterial soap and water, rubbing the area with baby oil and salt, or any vegetable oil and a towel, applying lemon juice, massaging with baking soda, or applying micellar water to the area with a cotton pad. For more specifics on these methods, as well as information on additional methods of henna removal, see the links below:

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve mastered the application process, henna can dramatically improve the look of your brows and bring youth and balance to your face. As the process only needs to be repeated every 1-2 months, this type of enhancement is also extremely convenient. The need to use eyebrow pencils, waxes and powders is greatly reduced, if not eliminated from your daily routine. The result is a full, polished look, at an affordable price.

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