What happens if you lose your gun?

Recently, a 16-year-old boy studying in Class-XI was found shot dead in the bathroom of school after a little dispute with one of his friends.

Do you think a 16-year-old boy could be an expert in using firearms intentionally?

And the question arises, from where did he get the pistol?

Later it was discovered as a lost weapon the boy found in the Public bathroom of a movie theater.

Steps to be taken when you lose your gun

Since there is not any National Registration System, ATF does not take any reports of lost or stolen firearms from private citizens. So, you need to contact the firearms dealer from where you purchased that gun. (Note that the gun should also have a FFL. You can check on the website to learn how to obtain FFL.)

If you are unable to reach the firearm dealer, contact your local Police Department immediately.

State Firearm Registration Office Services are available in some of the States. If you are a citizen of one among that State, you can report there. Being a gun owner, you should know what are your State’s laws on lost or stolen firearms. Also, you should report any loss of firearms within 48 hours or earlier to avoid crimes.

However, it is the best option if you could remember where you lost the gun and go back to look for it. In the meanwhile, if you move quickly and find your weapon, you are the lucky one.

What should you do if you are a dealer?

There is no Federal law to submit your report of lost firearms to ATF except for dealers and others with a Federal Firearm License. Being a dealer, you can take these steps after discovering the loss of any of your firearms:

1. You can send E-mail on the website (stolenfirearms@atf.gov). Keep in mind that you should send the report as early as possible to avoid criminal activity.

2. You can get the toll free number of the ATF’s stolen firearm Program Manager on the website. Talk with them and provide the Serial number, model and the place where you lost the gun if you remember. After that, they can assist you to prepare the loss Report for submission.

3. Call your local Law Enforcement Agency to report the case. The steps should be immediate for the quick recovery of the firearms.

Documentation you need

The first and the most important document you need to know about your gun is the Serial number. However, being an owner, it is your responsibility to have the serial number but if you don’t possess the same your weapon could be involved in Gun trafficking. Moreover, it becomes harder for you to claim the gun if it ever found without Serial Number. Also, you may need to file an insurance claim.

Gun trafficking

Moving the guns to the black market for threatening the crime across the country is called Gun Trafficking. Since there is no anti-trafficking law passed yet, so it is becoming easy for the criminals to use the illegal guns.

You should know the model and year of manufacture. From where and when you purchase the gun could be an important discussion in finding your gun. The police department asks you about the purchase price of the firearm.

If you have lost your gun in the Public place like a mall or a park, rush immediately to the Security Personnel of that place. Also. there are laws for the owners of the firearms to report the lost/stolen cases everywhere.

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How To Make Diamond Ring Look Bigger

As far as diamonds are precious stones, there are ways to make them look larger than they are. It can be done without spending extra money.

Choose a ring with several stones

Consider a style which uses several stones rather than one big stone. Find rings with diamonds mounted in rows and fitted into holes. In this setting, it is challenging to differentiate stones, it provides the illusion of bigger stones. Also find rings with side stones. A 3 stone engagement ring is a classic style. These 3 stones are said to symbolize the past, future and present. By adding two princess stones on the left and the right, the ring will look bigger. It’s because it draws to examine a ring as a whole piece and can catch looks.

Consider various color palettes and settings

Diamond in white gold – many people say that color will not change a diamond’s size, but it boils down to personal opinion. The majority believe that a stone that’s set in a white gold will make it look larger. The explanation for this is that white gold brings no colour into a diamond. Diamonds have a tendency to pick up hue and body tone and reflect it.

In case a tone is yellow, it’ll make your gemstone look yellow. Yellow diamonds seem smaller, whereas white seem bigger. Consider perfect illusion – to make diamond rings look bigger, choose an illusion setting. That is a method where precious stone is set on a mirror type plate before setting it to a band. A mirror plate reflects additional light, which makes a diamond look bigger and more brilliant. Buy cheap loose diamonds Los Angeles.

The disadvantage of this is that repairs are more strenuous, and may be expensive, as a result. All Within The Prongs type means that prong settings elevate their rock from a base, making it look bigger. Six prong heads cover up will make a diamond look bigger by obstructing light that enters it. Four prong settings are much cleaner, elegant and less gaudy. They also have more light that allows your gem to shine.

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Stereotypes In Education: How To Deal With Them?

During lessons pupils burst stereotypes that label groups or individuals. Students understand the meaning of the word “stereotype”. Work in groups to come up along with stereotype statements. It guarantees arousing pupils curiosity, if you leave it up to get a few days.

How to work with stereotypes in a classroom

Students take a piece of a paper. Ask students to write phrases or words which describe characteristics or attributes of a man under phrases or words which describe a female and a man. You may ask students to share some ideas to get a ball rolling.

Arrange students into groups and ask them to talk about their lists. As students share them, write them. What’s a stereotype? Write the word “stereotype”. Give students a few moments. Lead pupils to the conclusion, explain that statements are too general to be true, motivate them to realize that it is unfair to make such statements. Help students to make the association between phrases and exactly a term “stereotype”. Have students return to their counselling groups and ask them to develop together with stereotypes they may think of or have heard about. Tell them to maintain a list of the stereotypes they think of

Engage pupils to understand stereotypes philosophy

When the flow of stereotype statements appears to slow down, ask pupils in each group to take a final look at their own lists and mark with an asterisk 6-10 the most intriguing stereotypes. Each time a student shares a stereotype, hand that student a sentence strip sohe can write a stereotype on a sentence strip. Maths tutors Brisbane based. Instruct pupils to write large and bold, markers or crayons work best.

In case you’ve created a bulletin board to get an activity, ask pupils to read each sentence strip loudly and staple it next to a balloon about exactly a bulletin board. When all sentence strips are scratched at a board, lead a class discussion on each stereotype. Ask pupils, if e stereotype statements are fair statements.

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How To Choose Health Insurance

People often purchase health insurance. If you are going to buy your insurance, begin your research with sites which explain the principles. They’ll help you to understand terminology and theories of health insurance, which are not easy to grasp, and should provide you some questions to inquire about any plan.

Health insurance information

Many websites has useful information, but be aware that a website also provides paid advertising of insurance companies, selected partners that are in a company selling health insurance. Then you can noodle around internet-based brokerages that sell medical health insurance. Make certain you are purchasing insurance, not just some item such as a discount card. The best way is checking that a company is a real insurer. Be cautious about products when you can’t renew a plan, like insurance, that lasts for a fixed period of time.

Insurance agents

The first thing for buyers is to carefully consider several independent brokers before purchasing, to compare them. To find an agent, ask friends or members of your family for recommendations. You’ll find agents who specialize in medical health insurance or billing for physical therapy in your local companies providing such services. Online brokerages also typically have live brokers available to answer questions by telephone.

Check with your state regulator whether this agent has a valid license and a clean record, and ensure that medical insurance isn’t a sideline or a new specialty. You should search for an agent that represents a number of major insurers, as opposed to just one company.

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Physical Therapy Aspects

For choosing the best possible remedies, therapists diagnose and learn history of disease or any disorder. Experts want to be sure that patients will recover from their diseases and disorders. Therapies clinics provide the best therapies that are reliable.

What is a therapist task?

Professionals that play a role in analysis, diagnosis and efficient treatment of constraints back therapists. The health care or physiotherapy services include esophageal, neurological, cardiovascular, psychiatric, pediatric treatments etc. Therapists help in maintenance of recovery of physical fitness and treat patients. Treatment is offered after diagnosing the reason of a problem and doctors control all processes.

There are also specialists skilled in treating post-surgical joints, arthritis, amputations, intense sports injuries etc. They facilitate patients in recovering from ailments and diseases that affect tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles of a body. The methods in this program comprise resistance training, functional electric stimulation packs and mobilization.

Some therapists also provide efficient back pain treatment that can help to fight pain. A few of the common signs of knee pain are tingling, fatigue, stiffness, excruciating pain, acute and chronic back pain in addition to bowel and urinary bladder dysfunction. So, a therapist practice comprises many treatment aspects in various directions.

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Physical Therapy Types You Should Know

There are many specific fields physiotherapists can choose to specialise in. The areas consist of pediatrics, women’s health, sports medicine and more. Let’s consider some of them.


This is the treatment of bones and muscles. The most common forms of injuries and ailments which fall into this type are common ailments such as chronic back pain, arthritis, sprains, sports injuries, posture issues, reduced mobility as well as incontinence. In addition to operation, rehabilitation is also offered.

Cardiothoracic and neurological

It regards to the treatment of ailments concerning the respiratory system. Including things such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. This form of physiotherapy can also help in rehabilitation after thoracic surgery.

Neurological disorders. For instance, treatment is required by those people who’ve had a spinal cord injury or have multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease. They also can be assisted by means of physiotherapy. Rehabilitation helps a lot as well.

Techniques and programs

To be able to treat a wide range of conditions, physiotherapists use many techniques.
Therapy – containing massage, stretching, resistance training in addition to spinal and joint mobilisation.
Programs – special exercises under direction and guidance of your a doctor. It can include stretching training, muscle strengthening and posture retraining.
Techniques – include treatment methods such as laser treatment transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, diathermy and ultrasound.

There is a variety of techniques in addition to most popular ones. Many of those treatments include: correcting incorrect sports techniques, taping and splinting, providing information on equipment aids, for example, wheelchairs and walking frames. The real purpose of physiotherapy is to restore the functions of a body, if the issue is in a musculoskeletal, a neurological or a cardiothoracic condition.

Always ensure that a physiotherapist you’re visiting is qualified. Remember, you do not need a physician’s referral to see a physiotherapist. However, if you have an ailment, talking to your general practitioner, if you’re unsure, is never a bad idea, instead of directly going to a physical therapist.

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