How much does a developer cost in Ukraine?

How much does a developer cost in Ukraine?

An increasing number of enterprises globally outsource their IT services or software development to countries with lower living costs. The huge gap between the salaries say, in Canada and India, enables them to save the costs and trouble of running an in-house team. If only low prices were always coupled with high quality.


In this context, software development in Ukraine seems especially appealing. The country shares all advantages of Eastern Europe as an IT outsourcing destination but offers more competitive rates compared to neighboring Belarus, Czech Republic, and Poland. Stiff competition stimulates Ukraine’s 2,600 IT companies and 100,000+ specialists to provide high-quality services at fair prices. If you’re curious about the numbers or further saving opportunities – this article might be helpful.


Developers’ Geography and Rates


The answer to the title question depends on:


  1. where the agency or freelancer is located;
  2. the type of technology that is required;
  3. each developer’s programming language skill set and experience.


Ukraine’s outsourcing vendors offer mobile, web, and desktop development, UI/UX design, QA, dedicated development team building, R&D services, IT consulting, and full-stack solutions. Kyiv, the capital, has the highest number of developers (up to 40%). Other big IT hubs are Kharkiv (in the east of the country), Lviv in the west, Odessa in the south, and Dnipro in the center. Even regional centers like Vinnytsya or Zaporizhia have dozens of firms offering custom software development and offshore/nearshore outsourcing.

According to GoodFirms and Clutch, the average rate offered by top Ukrainian software development companies ranges within $25–49 per hour. A firm’s location matters a lot: the highest salaries are mostly in Kyiv and Odessa. They’re a bit lower in Lviv and Kharkiv, and Dnipro generally offers the lowest rates among the big cities. A company’s rates may also reflect its reputation based on past projects, experience in the industry, etc.


Java, .NET (C#), JavaScript, PHP, and Python are some of the most accessible technologies in Ukraine. Programmers that specialize in Java and C#/.NET earn more than PHP or JS devs. Java programmers are typically the highest-paid. For example, average monthly salaries of junior Java devs range from $570 (Lviv) to $880 (Odessa).


Middle and senior developers cost much higher than juniors, sometimes tenfold more. For instance, a senior PHP programmer in Dnipro earns $2,600/month against a junior’s $250.




The prices for software development in Ukraine vary significantly. The developers’ rates may differ even between towns short distances from one another, but a dev’s specialization and experience seems to be the most important factor. As a result, a junior PHP programmer in Lviv can cost you $200 per month while senior Java devs’ salaries in Kyiv are ranging around $3,500.


Still, usually they won’t exceed the prices for identical services in neighboring countries, let alone Western Europe or North America. Add to that comparable quality of the services and easy communication, and you’ll get an optimal choice for secure IT outsourcing.

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